Nizzahon’s Budget EDH Thada Adel Acquisitor

Tired of your opponent’s playing super expensive mana rocks and equipment when you just can’t afford them? Well, why don’t you steal them!

This deck is the ultimate budget deck, in that you can build this deck fairly cheaply, and you still get to play with cards like Mana Crypt and Sword of Fire and Ice! Only, they will be your opponent’s instead of your own. The deck focuses on making sure your opponent has an island in play, and making it so Thada Adel, Acquisitor can get in for unblockable damage. The deck can either win by ramping with your opponent’s mana rocks, or with a Voltron strategy that actually uses your opponent’s equipment on your Thada Adel!

You can make this deck for under $100 or 13 MTGO tickets.

Nizzahon has played Magic for over a decade and regularly publishes videos on Limited and Budget Magic on Youtube. If you like these videos contact Nizzahon in the comments below or follow him on Twitter or subscribe to Nizzahon Magic’s Youtube channel.

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