Tribal Creature Feature – Crab


I honestly had no idea what I would be getting myself into when I put a poll on my Twitter about what Tribal deck my readers would like to see next.

Of all the creature types I posted…you wanted Crabs?

Crab Assault

This deck focuses on two things crabs do best, defend and create unlimited mana. Let’s look at Plan A; deal combat damage to the opponent.fortress

4x Ancient Crab

3x Drownyard Behemoth

4x Fortress Crab

4x Hedron Crab

4x Shambleshark

These crabs are very good defenders, with the exception of Shambleshark, each has great defense for their casting costs. With this defense cabaility, you can buy yourself time for the upcoming combo. Also included in the deck is…

3x Assault Formation

I’ve used this enchantment in other decks, like my Spider Tribal deck. It allows even the lowly Hedron Crab attacking capability based on is defense total. In this deck, that can reach the 7’s which is great. The other upside to Assault Formation in this deck is that you can also use it to dump infinite mana you could potentially get. Increasing the defense of one of your crabs increases their attack power which can end the game on a attack.

Also included is this infinite mana combo courtesy of…


4x Horseshoe Crab

3x Illusionist’s Bracers

4x Multani’s Harmony

3x Stroke of Genius

The combo is strangely easy to preform. Just simply target Horseshoe Crab with Illusionist’s Bracers and Multani’s Harmony and created extra mana between the Illusionist’s Bracers triggers. Use the mana to pump up your crabs with Assault Formation or target your opponent with Stroke of Genius and make them draw their entire deck.

3x Evolving Wilds

3x Terramorphic Expanse

4x Simic Growth Chamber

4x Forest

10x Island

This is a surprisingly easy deck to play. Even better, it will cost you just a measly $25 to make or 6 MTGO Tickets.

Swing Last,
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2 responses to “Tribal Creature Feature – Crab

  1. Isn’t the ability granted by Multani’s Harmony a mana ability though? Technically a mana ability is any activated ability that 1. Doesn’t target, 2. Isn’t a loyalty ability from a planeswalker, and most importantly, 3. could produce mana to add to a player’s pool. Therefore, the infinite combo would not work.

    • This is a great question with a complicated answer.

      By tapping the Horseshoe Crab for mana and then using the crab’s untap ability, the untap ability goes on the stack twice with the Illusionist Bracers. Let one of the untaps on the stack resolve, then tap the Crab again to produce mana. Then let the other one resolve. You’re back to where you started but with one more mana in your mana pool.

      My explanation of the effects in the article is poor and I’ll edit it appropriately.

      Thanks for reading!

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