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rk-post1Upon entering the Georgia World Congress Center I knew I’d have the opportunity to meet the artist rk post. Over the years, his artwork has graced 114 cards in Magic: The Gathering. That’s quite a body of work from an amazingly skilled worker.

He also leaks a constant stream of exceptional looking tokens for his Patreon account. Many of which can be seen on, a place that highlights not only his purchasable tokens but playmats and art as well.

I approached rk post’s table with the intimidated enthusiasm of any other fan of his artwork. I even embarrassingly stuttered a bit while nervously speaking with him, something that I rarely do. The most shocking thing about him wasn’t necessarily his artwork. It was about how he made the experience as accommodating and enjoyable for both of us as possible.

“Sure!” he answered as I asked for the interview. His voice and candor were as if it was silly that I felt I had to ask. By the end of the experience I was convinced he’d let me take his car for a spin or allow me to put my feet on his coffee table. He even responded to my follow up emails shockingly faster than I expected.

rk post is legit. He is an art making workhorse and a hell of a guy.

Paper Champion: Thank you for taking the time for this interview. I’ve enjoyed your artwork since Exodus. What keeps you going after all these years?

rk post: Hahahah! I have to like it at the end of the day, truthfully. I also pay bills. It’s good that two can mingle and cohabitate.

PC: Wizards of the Coast has tapped you to illustrate one of their newest cards. Take us step by step in the process of creating art for a Magic card.rkpost2

rk: It’s pretty simple and usually just handled through email. You will get a copy of the visual style guide and a description of the card you are going to do. Ask some questions…and do a sketch. Submit and refine. That’s mostly it!

PC: What non-Magic related projects are you currently working on?

Just stuff for myself. It’s the new illustration model. So 2017.

PC: What do you do on your free time?

Hahahha! Not nearly enough.

PC: Out of all the art you have done for Wizards of the Coast, is there a specific piece you wished you could re-do or work more on?

postrk: There was a couple that I actually did, but not in a grand scale…save one. Avatar of Discord. It was originally the 8th Edition Fallen Angel but didn’t quite pass art direction.  I got the chance to rework it for the Kamigawa block, but there wasn’t a place for it. A few more changes and it wound up where it did.

PC: Do you have a favorite color card to illustrate?

rk: I was always partial to black. Go figure.

PC: What is something the Magic community deserves to know about the artists side of the hobby?

rk: Deserves? Heh. We are just people, I guess. We are part of the team that tries to put out a good thing for people to enjoy. I think we can all agree that the longevity and popularity of the game is a good sign.rk_3

PC: Death has challenged you to an drawing duel for your mortal soul. What do you draw and why?

I think I would ponder why Death would want my soul and have me draw something so I can keep it.

PC: Who is an up and coming artist you enjoy that you feel deserves more credit in the M:tG art community?

Clint Cearley has always pushed out some amazing stuff and hasn’t stopped.

rk-postPC: What was the best advice you have ever received?

Take time to have some fun with your life.

PC: Thank you for your cooperation Mr. Post. It was an honor.

Swing last,




Aiokii has been playing Magic: The Gathering since Fallen Empires was released in 1994 and has been a Planeswalker ever since. Tending to gravitate towards hand melting discard decks, he has a knack for creative Tribal decks, often catching adversaries unaware. Aiokii is also a moderator on Reddit Budgetdecks an you can contact him on Twitter or Facebook.

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