The Most Competitive Pauper Decks

As many of you have already heard, the Peregrine Drake is dead and the Pauper landscape is in for a change. With the void of the newly banned card, many decks will begin to come to the forefront.

Before the Drake’s printing as a common, these decks were the cream of the crop and I fully expect them to return to their glory days.

This cheap format is about to get mega competitive. Here are the decks that will be swinging last in Pauper.

Affinity $60 (30 Tix)frogmite

We will begin our review into Pauper with a deck that has seen an amount of success over the years, Affinity. Like it’s Modern format counterpart, Affinity decks find strength and faster casting ability through sheer amount of artifacts in play.

great-furnaceUnlike it’s Modern counterpart, Pauper Affinity makes use of free artifact lands such as Great Furnace and Seat of Synod to speed spell casting using the Affinity ability. In Modern, these lands are banned but in Pauper they really keep this deck together and give it the speed required to win.

The deck also includes Atog, which alone isn’t much to speak of but can consume massive quantities of artifacts to boost itself for a game ending attack or can even be the target of a Fling were you not able to attack without being blocked.

Bogles $60 (50 Tix)bogle

Making yet another appearance on Paper Champion, the Bogles deck seems to be a reoccuring theme for this site and seems viable through multiple formats. The Pauper version of the deck maintains the same goal, casting untargetable creatures with strong enchantments and steamrolling enemies.

The deck uses familiar auras like Rancor but also utilizes others like Armadillo Cloak and Ancestral Mask to beef up it’s boys, offering up exponential buffs and lifelink capability.


Delver $60 (80 Tix)

Delver has been a Pauper deck for some time now and will defiantly find a comeback with the newest banning.

Delver focuses on getting it’s namesake into play, Delver of Secrets into play. Also involved is a stream of Ninjitsu shenanigans with Ninja of the Deep Hours and come into play effect faeries.

The control element is also high as you will be focusing your countermagic at opportune times and massive card draw capability to draw your creatures.

Dimir Control $55 (40 Tix)angler

This deck had fallen by the wayside with the newest deck in town, Izzet Drake. With the new banning of the deck’s feature card, Dimir Control seems primed for a comeback.

Dimir Control uses removal and key countermagic to keep the board clean for it’s larger creature, Gurmag Angler. Not only does the spells keep the board free of potential threats it also fuels it’s Delve ability, getting it into play faster.

This deck is very oppressive and is capable of locking down a game early.

Stompy $60 (50 Tix)

Stompy has been around for nearly the entire history of Magic and this mono green deck is no different.

companionFor starters, the deck has some decent sized bangers, including a 3/2 Garruk’s Companion as well as several mana elves that will ensure a stream of creatures turn after turn. The pile of attackers will eventually be too much to handle for the opponent.

Also in this deck are boost spells like Mutagenic Growth and Groundswell, adding easy to cast cheap shots for your unblocked attackers. This deck can score often and punishes players willing to take early damage.

Swing Last,



Aiokii has been playing Magic: The Gathering since Fallen Empires was released in 1994 and has been a Planeswalker ever since. Tending to gravitate towards hand melting discard decks, he has a knack for creative Tribal decks, often catching adversaries unaware. Aiokii is also a moderator on Reddit Budgetdecks an you can contact him on Twitter or Facebook.

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