The Best Commons of Aether Revolt

Today we focus on what many casual players look forward to, the affordable cards that can fill the needs of their kitchen table decks. Welcome to the Aether Revolt commons review.You can purchase these cards at your nearest gaming store, retail big box or get them delivered to your door by clicking this link and supporting this site!

Today’s review is filled with both reprinted staples and hidden gems so let’s get right to it!

Unbridled Growthunbridledgrowth

Mana fixing has always been one of the top priorities of serious competitive Magic and this enchantment helps. By playing it your land allows you to tap for any color you need. Secondly, you can use it as a sac outlet which can trigger your Revolt abilities and it nets you an additional card draw. This little Aura packs a whole lot in one little spell and that’s why it’s great.


Nothing changes from reprint to reprint as far as Negate is concerned. In fact, Negate packs a bit more punch since Vehicles are not creature spells. I’ve always liked Negate and I’m glad to see it again in it’s current printing.

mobilegarrisonMobile Garrison

The simplicity of this card makes it great. At worst, the garrison can untap the creature that crewed it. Not only that, you can be able to increase your tapping ability shenanigans. this is a fun little card for casual decks everywhere and i welcome it’s addition.

Prey Upon

Oh goody! Another reprint! Those of you that have followed along, I love Prey Upon and have made decks revolving around the fight mechanic. Green typically lacks creature removal beyond the usual attacking and blocking with large creatures. Prey upon allows you to slam offending problem creatures with fighting damage with is both very fun but practical. I dig it.


Another great reprint. Simple, functional, and direct. It’s obviously not a lightning bolt but it’s been a long running staple of burn decks everywhere.

Renegade Maprenegademap

Renegade map is a great little card to help Commander decks get the mana they need to succeed. It’s a tad slower than other mana fixers but its cheap on both wallet and mana cost.

metallicrebukeMetallic Rebuke

Mark my words, you will be seeing this counterspell quite a bit in the current Standard format. With multiple clues or vehicles in play this spell becomes better than a Mana Leak.

That’s that! Stay tuned for the next article, Best Uncommons of the set.

Swing Last!


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