Best Uncommons of Modern Masters 2017

flickerHere we are again with yet another list of uncommon cards you need to be looking for in your Modern Masters 2017 packs. Last week, we looked over the common cards that you will should be looking for over the next few months, as it seems Wizards has handed us all quite a gift for being such loyal Modern format playing customers.

Let’s dive right in and take a look at what you should be grabbing when this set is released.


This buddy of mine has been fueling many of the Modern Blink decks that have been gaining ground over the last few months. For just three mana you can blink out a permanent of yours, allowing for even more come into play effects. This is a staple in this up and coming deck type and if you are interested in playing one now is the time to snap up these staple Flickerwisps.


This is more of a fringe card and not necessarily a must have. However, I feel this card can make a big difference in some of the more Aggro focused Mono Green decks like Elves that have a tendency to run out of steam after the first few turns or immediately after a board wipe.

Izzet+CharmIzzet Charm

Out of all the charms out there, Izzet Charm is one of the most popular. This charm offers you several options, all useful, countering creatures, card draw and even direct damage.

Lingering Souls

Lingering Souls is a staple card for the B/W Spirit Token deck. This spell helps you put vital spirit tokens into play not once but twice with it’s flashback ability. this card also serves as some useful chump blockers or evasive pingers in Limited.

Might of Old Krosa

This pump spell has been floating around $3 since it’s release years ago and is used in several Aggro decks using green. Casting this spell during your Main step gives your creature a great +4/+4, only +2/+2 if played any other time. If you are looking to snag it for cheap, now is your opportunity.terminate


Terminate is another card with a price tag just above what should be considered reasonable. this red/black hybrid has been ganking creatures since Alara and seems to be in many competitive decks containing these colors. It’s a dandy pick in limited as well.

pathPath to Exile

Path to Exile is one of the top three must grab uncommons of this set. The spell has been on the higher end of pricing lists for years now and this reprinting may put a dent in that but does not diminish the importance of the card. Any deck containing white should contain this spell for it’s great removal capability.

Inquisition of Kozilekinquisition

Originally considered a poor man’s Thoughtseize, Inquisition has taken a position of amazing discard without the drawbacks of it’s predecessor. As a result, this discard spell has likewise risen in price and capped around $10. With this reprint they become more affordable. Get these now if you are even considering black discard in your Modern decks.

Serum+VisionsSerum Visions

The last must grab uncommon is Serum Visions, the perfect blue deck manipulator. The spell had been more expensive in the past but with recent reprintings and promos being released, the spell has dipped in price but not importance. This is an important spell for any blue mage’s spellbook. Get it now. Especially with it’s new hot artwork!

Swing Last!

aiokiiAiokii has been playing Magic: The Gathering since Fallen Empires was released in 1994 and has been a Planeswalker ever since. Tending to gravitate towards hand melting discard decks, he has a knack for creative Tribal decks, often catching adversaries unaware. Aiokii is also a moderator on Reddit Budgetdecks an you can contact him on Twitter or Facebook.

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