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Aiokii has been playing Magic: The Gathering since Fallen Empires was released in 1994 and has been a Planeswalker ever since. Tending to gravitate towards hand melting discard decks, he has a knack for creative Tribal decks, often catching adversaries unaware. Aiokii is also a moderator on Reddit Budgetdecks an you can contact him on Twitter or Facebook. 



Nizzahon has played Magic for over a decade and regularly publishes videos on Limited and Budget Magic on Youtube. You can follow him on Twitter or subscribe to Nizzahon Magic’s Youtube channel and Patreon.



seibenSeiben is a community leader of providing lore content from Magic: The Gathering to story hungry fans everywhere. You can contact him in the comments below, Facebook and Twitter.Subscribe to his Youtube channel and drop some dimes into his Patreon to show your support.



MTGirl has hosted product openings and review videos for most every M:TG product released for over a year. You can find her videos on Youtube as well as contact her on Twitter.





The Planeswalker Project has been uploading great deck techs and product reviews since April 2016. You can find his informative videos on Youtube, like and follow him on Facebook or Twitter, as well as drop him some love on Patreon.


dragonlogoTaoOfChow at MTG Forge has been playing Magic the Gathering since the Return to Ravnica Block and makes videos to help new players play the game.  His channel focuses mainly on interesting home-brew decks or affordable but competitive modern decks as well as advice for players who are new to the game.  You can find his videos on YouTube or contact him at TaoAtTheForge@gmail.com

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