Is Kendall Smith Leaving News On 6?

With great regret, I must inform you that this will be my last weekend on television with KOTV – News On 6. I had a great experience working with Griffin Communications in Oklahoma City.

Similarly, Where did Kendall Smith go?

Kendall Smith began working for FOX Weather in 2021 as a meteorologist and host for the ad-supported streaming weather program. Smith formerly worked as a meteorologist for KOTV, a CBS station in Tulsa, OK, as well as WCBI-TV (CBS) in Columbus, MS.

Also, it is asked, Where is Kendal Smith from?

California’s San Mateo

Secondly, Who is Stacia Knight?

Stacia Knight is a journalist from the United States who was born and raised in southeast Kansas. She presently works as a weekday meteorologist for News on 6 KOTV in Tulsa, OK, between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Also, Who are the meteorologist on Channel 6 in Tulsa?

TULSA, Oklahoma (AP) – Meet Megan Gold, one of our newest meteorologists at News On 6!

People also ask, Where did Shannon Rousseau go?

Shannon Rousseau became an anchor and reporter for News On 6 in 2019. She comes to Oklahoma from Rochester, Minnesota’s KTTC.

Related Questions and Answers

Did Clint Boone pass away?

Clint Boone died in February.

What happened to Clint Boone Oklahoma?

According to his obituary, Boone died on Sunday at the age of 52 from medical complications. Boone spent the most of his 25-year career in Tulsa forecasting the weather. He is presently employed by station 6, but has previously worked for channels 2 and 8.

Who is Megan gold?

Megan Gold is a meteorologist that works for News On 6 on LinkedIn.

When did Clint Boone pass away?

FebruaryClint Boone / Death Date

Is Katy Kramer still with KTUL in Tulsa?

Katy will join FOX 11’s sister station KTUL-TV in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a weekday morning meteorologist. Pete Petoniak, Rachel Manek, and Emily Deem say their farewell in the video above. Congratulations to @Met katykramer on her new position at KTUL-TV in Tulsa, OK as a weekday morning meteorologist.

What happened to News on 6 Clint Boone?

Clint Boone, a meteorologist for KOTV, died unexpectedly. FTVLive broke the story first, and Mike Collier, the chief meteorologist at KJRH, Boone’s old station, verified it with a tweet. “I’m just devastated,” Collier wrote. Clint Boone, my dearest buddy, died today.

Where is Leah Hill from?

Leah earned a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from OU, with a minor in broadcast meteorology. Leah is thrilled to be returning to St. Louis after three years away. You could see her and Pluto in neighborhood parks or trails.

How old is Duncan?

Duncan died in 2011 at the age of 86 from Alzheimer’s disease complications.

Who is ky3 meteorologist?

In the 60-year history of KFVS-TV, Grant Dade is just the third Chief Meteorologist, following in the footsteps of Don McNeely and Bob Reeves. Grant, the son of an Air Force pilot, has been all around the United States and seen all sorts of weather.

Who are the meteorologist on Channel 8 Tulsa?

Chief Meteorologist Dan Threlkeld He’s an Oklahoma native with decades of expertise predicting our state’s strange and occasionally fatal weather patterns. He’s also a long-time Channel 8 viewer, having grown up watching the late Don Woods, our renowned first chief meteorologist.

Who is leaving KY3?

Abby Dyer, a meteorologist,

Is Jim Duncan weatherman retiring?

Jim Duncan, Richmond’s longest-serving TV meteorologist, has retired after 40 years. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION: NBC12 meteorologist Jim Duncan is seen on Tuesday, J. Jim Duncan, who has covered central Virginia weather for WWBT NBC12 for 40 years, gave his farewell prediction early Wednesday evening.

Is Jim Duncan meteorologist retiring?

Jim Duncan is retiring after 40 years of chronicling Richmond’s weather.

How long was Jim Duncan on Channel 12?

In August 1981, Jim Duncan joined NBC 12. On April 20, 2021, Jim made his last prediction on WWBT NBC 12 after over two decades, or 39 years and nine months, of reporting Virginia’s weather. Gov. Ralph Northam designated Jim Duncan Day in Virginia on Ma. to honor his commitment.

Has Abby Dyer left KY3?

Meteorologist Abby Dyer revealed her family’s new chapter after 11 years on the air with the KY3 First Alert Weather Team. Abby’s spouse is a medical school graduate who plans to pursue a career in ophthalmology. The family will have to relocate as a result of the relocation.

Where is Erin Christy going?

Other television news According to news director Steve Weinstein, Erin Christy, co-host of “2News Today” and “2News Midday,” and Deana Silk, anchor of “2News Weekday Mornings,” will exchange places.

Where is Nellie Jones?

Neile Jones, a news anchor at KNWA-TV, will depart the station next month, according to station executives. Jones, who has been with the station since 1997, is relocating to Tulsa, Oklahoma. October is her final day.

Where is Dan Threlkeld now?

Dan Threlkeld is the Chief Meteorologist for KTUL, Tulsa’s Channel 8.

Where is Ron Hearst from?

Missouri’s Springfield

Ned Reynolds vs. Ashley Reynolds took less than 51% of the vote, edging out Jay Fotsch. It leaves us with a mix of previous and contemporary KY3 characters. They’re both called Reynolds, but they’re not related.

How long has Steve Grant been at KY3?

He is the university’s first recipient of this particular honor. Steve started his work at KY3 immediately after his 20th birthday in 1974, while still in college, as a graduate of the Evangel Class of 1976.

Is Lisa Rose still on KY3?

(KY3) – In 2021, KY3 is delighted to announce more anchor changes. Maria Neider will be hosting KY3 News at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m., after leaving Ozarks Today. Lisa Rose, a veteran anchor, will co-host the 6 p.m. program with Steve Grant and will also co-lead KY3 News at Noon.

Who is the new sports director at KY3?

Lamb, Jason

Is Megan Wise a meteorologist?

Meteorologist. Megan Wise is an Emmy-nominated NBC12 meteorologist. Megan is a Pittsburgh native who earned a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania. Megan worked at WDEF-TV in Chattanooga, Tennessee, before moving to Richmond in November 2015.

What happened Jim Duncan?

Death. Duncan entered a police station in his hometown of Lancaster on October. He allegedly took a firearm from one of the cops and shot himself in the head, according to police.

What is Jim Duncan business?

Army and Air Force Business Director.


Kendall Smith is leaving Fox News for a new job. There has been much speculation as to what the reason was.

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