Is Zoraida Sambolin Still On Channel 5 News?

Zoraida Sambolin Says Farewell to Viewers and Colleagues On-Air. Zoraida Sambolin worked her last shift at the NBC 5 anchor desk on Friday, but she couldn’t go without saying goodbye to her fans and coworkers.

Similarly, What happened to Zoraida on Channel 5?

Zoraida Sambolin is leaving NBC-owned WMAQ in Chicago. She has not said why she is leaving. After returning after a four-month leave of absence, Sambolin has been released early from her contract, which runs until July 2022, according to Chicago media journalist Robert Feder.

Also, it is asked, Why is Zoraida Sambolin off the air?

On December 29, 2020, it was revealed that she had been gone from NBC 5 since late November, taking time off to care for a loved one who was having surgery and check her own health. Zoraida’s fans wish her family a fast recovery.

Secondly, Who is the New anchor on NBC 5 Chicago?

Leila Rahimi is going to create history for the second time. Last year, the Chicago sportscaster became the first woman to broadcast a Monday through Friday daytime shift on WSCR 670-AM, the Audacy sports/talk station, breaking a 29-year gender barrier.

Also, Is Zoraida Sambolin still on NBC news?

Zoraida Sambolin Says Farewell to Viewers and Colleagues On-Air. Zoraida Sambolin worked her last shift at the NBC 5 anchor desk on Friday, but she couldn’t go without saying goodbye to her fans and coworkers.

People also ask, Who is Marion Brooks husband?

Hawkins, Ruye Marion Brooks / Wife (m. 2005)

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Who is Kye Martin married to?

Kye and her husband Brandon had their twin sons a month early, with Tanner weighing about 3 pounds and requiring a two-week stay in the NICU at RUSH University Medical Center.

Is Marion Brooks married?

Hawkins, Ruye Marion Brooks / Husband (m. 2005)

Where is Susan Carlson going?

Carlson left WBBM in 2013 and went to work for WMAQ-TV, where he became an anchor in 2014. In 2020, she left WMAQ to pursue a career as an audiobook narrator and voiceover artist.

Is Allison Rosati still married?

Nicholas Lee Dennis, Stephen Dennis, Katherine Mary Dennis, and Kristen Allison Dennis, as well as a dog called Apollo, are the children of Rosati and Dennis. On January 1, Rosati and Dennis were legally divorced.

What happened to NBC Chicago news anchor?

NBC 5 Siafa Lewis, the station’s primary sports anchor, is departing for a position as a news anchor at the CBS affiliate in Philadelphia, according to NBC 5. Lewis’ last day is November 4th. For the sports section, the station has hired Leila Rahimi on a per-diem basis.

Who left Channel 5 morning?

Today, we bid farewell to Steve Kuzj, a fantastic reporter and even better person. Here are some of Steve’s most memorable moments from his eight years on the air at KTLA.

Who are the anchors on Channel 5 news Chicago?

Team News Anchor Sarahbeth Ackerman Colleran, Brian Anchor for NBC5. Anchor/Reporter Zuri Hoffman Anchor Alice Kang NBC5 Anchor/Reporter Stewart Ledbetter Anchor/Reporter Liz Strzepa

Why is Rob Stafford not on Channel 5 news?

Rob Stafford, a veteran Chicago news anchor who has been on leave from WMAQ-Channel 5 since March due to a rare blood illness, said he intends to return around the end of August.

What nationality is Zoraida Sambolin?

Zoraida Sambolin / Nationality: American

Who is Kenny Williams wife?

Sambolin, Zoraida Wife of Kenny Williams (m. 2014)

Who is Carlson Tucker’s wife?

Tucker Carlson / Wife Susan Andrews (m. 1991)

How old is NBC Susan Carlson?

52 years old (1970) Age: Susan Carlson

Where is Allison Rosati from?

Dover, DE Allison Rosati / Birthplace

Is Stephen Holt married?

Morgan Holt is a writer. Stefan Holt / Husband (m. 2012)

Where is Brant Miller?

Life. Miller grew up in Portland, Oregon, and now resides in Wilmette with his wife Lisa and their two boys. Brant is also a passionate gardener, “tinker,” and home repair enthusiast.

Did Andy Avalos retire?

Andy Avalos, NBC 5’s popular meteorologist, is retiring after 33 years of predicting weather in Chicago. Avalos has covered everything from snowstorms to tornadoes to floods to severe winds to searing heat waves to droughts.

Where is Stephen Holt?

Every evening at 4 p.m. and 10 p.m., award-winning journalist Stefan Holt returns to his hometown to headline the NBC 5 News. Marion Brooks and Allison Rosati are his co-anchors. Holt has returned to the NBC 5 news team after more than four years at WNBC-TV in New York.

What happened to liberty on KTLA Morning News?

Liberté was later recruited as a weekday morning news anchor for KMIR-TV in Palm Springs. She returned to KTLA in 2010 and became a regular on the KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News until February 2021, when she left the program.

Where did Alice Kang go?

Connect. Alice Kang is a Midwesterner who is thrilled to be relocating to New England. In August 2018, she joined the NBC5 News team as the morning anchor for NBC5 News TODAY. She helped establish the first 4:30 a.m. broadcast in the area while at NBC5.

Who did Stefan Holt replace on NBC?

Agase, Paul

Where did Rob Stafford go?

Stafford has been an anchor and reporter for NBC 5 since 2007. In 2009, he and Allison Rosati were appointed to primary co-anchor. He’s also a member of the station’s investigative team.

How old is Rob Stafford?

63 years (Decem.) Age / Rob Stafford

How long has Zoraida Sambolin been married to Kenny Williams?

She’s a Wife Kenny Williams, her spouse, and she married in 2014. They were engaged the year prior, and he’s a baseball executive. Their relationship was one she didn’t speak about often, and the pair was able to keep it hidden for a long time before the rest of the world found out.

Who is the White Sox GM?

Hahn, Rick General manager of the Chicago White Sox Rick Hahn is a Major League Baseball executive who now works as the Senior Vice President/General Manager of the Chicago White Sox. Wikipedia

Where is Polikseni Manxhari?

Biography. Polikseni Manxhari is the New England traffic reporter for 7News Today. She joins the team in March 2020 after working as a morning anchor in Burlington, Vermont for two years.

Did Katie Thompson Channel 5 News have her baby?

Katie Thompson, a traffic anchor for NewsCenter 5, and her gorgeous daughter Brynn paid a visit to the newsroom on Friday. In December, Brynn was born. Katie reports that her whole family is doing well, and she anticipates returning to the EyeOpener soon.

Did Katie on Channel 5 News have her baby?

GET UPDATES ON ENTERTAINMENT NEWS Katie Thompson, Traffic Anchor & Transportation Specialist at NewsCenter 5, has given birth to her daughter, and NewsCenter 5 wishes to congratulate her. Brynn Fallon Falconer, Katie’s daughter, was born at 4:53 a.m. on Wednesday.

How much money does Jesse Watters make at Fox News?

Fox News pays Jesse Watters $16 million dollars every year.


Zoraida Sambolin is no longer on Channel 5 News, but she is still working for the station.

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Zoraida Sambolin is no longer on the channel 5 news. She has been replaced by a new anchor, Sarah Wallace. Reference: nbc 5 news anchors.

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