Where Did My Google News Feed Go?

Similarly, How do I restore my Google News feed?

Enable or disable Google Feed on Android. Tap “Apps” from the Home screen. Select “Google.” In the upper-left corner, tap the “Menu” button. Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Select “Your feed.” Set the screen’s settings as desired: If updates appear in the notification area, the “Notifications” option determines whether they do so.

Also, it is asked, Why has my Google News disappeared?

Check the network, permissions, and keep the app up to date if Google News isn’t loading or running on Android. Reinstall the app and sign out of your Google Account if that doesn’t work. It’s worth noting that a lot of people mix up Google Discover (Home Screen Google feed) with Google News.

Secondly, Why is my Google feed not working?

Make sure Google Discover is turned on. You may activate and disable the Discover feed in the Google app on your phone. That’s why your feed doesn’t show or update if you or someone else has deactivated that option. All you have to do now is enable the feed. On your phone, open the Google app.

Also, Why is my news feed not working?

Facebook feeds are not loading for a variety of reasons, including sluggish internet speeds, VPN connections, incorrect date and time settings, using an older Facebook version, and Facebook bugs, among others. It’s possible that certain browser cache and cookies, as well as browser addons, are causing the problem.

People also ask, How do I get my Google News feed back on my iPhone?

The app does not update. Open your app and slide down on the screen to receive fresh stories. Make sure you’re connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or mobile data. Remove the app from the App Store and reinstall it if the app shuts or the content is blank. Please keep in mind that any previously saved material will need to be saved afresh.

Related Questions and Answers

Is Google News app down?

We can access news.google.com since it is up and running.

Why does my Google News feed keep closing?

Clear your cache and data on the Google Play Newsstand app if the app quits, shuts down, or certain content is blank. Any Newsstand material you’ve stored on your device will have to be downloaded afresh.

Why can’t I see news on Google homepage?

Access to Google News may have been disabled by your administrator. Contact your account administrator for further information. Unless you check out of your Google account, you won’t be able to access news.google.com. Sign out of your Google account or switch to a personal Gmail account to view Google News.

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How do I turn on news feed in Chrome?

How to Enable Web Feeds Open the Google Chrome app on your Android smartphone to get started. Type Web Feed into the search box on the following page. Select Enabled from the pop-up option for Web Feed from the drop-down menu. After that, Chrome will ask you to “relaunch” your browser in order for the modifications to take effect.

How do I enable news feed in Chrome?

Find out what’s new and what’s trending. Go to Google News on your PC. Click Top stories in the upper left corner. Click Full coverage of this story to read the full.

Why is my News feed not working on my iPhone?

If the News widget still won’t load, try uninstalling and reinstalling Apple News. The simplest method to accomplish it is to go to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> News -> Offload App and use the offload option. After the software has been offloaded, use the Reinstall option that appears!

Why can’t I get News on my iPhone?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to iCloud settings and turn on News. Go to Settings > [your name] > iCloud on your Apple device. Ensure that you’re using the same Apple ID across all of your devices. Turn on News (if it isn’t already on) from the list of applications.

How do you reset Google Chrome?

Chrome’s settings should be reset to their defaults. Open Chrome on your machine. Click More Settings in the upper right corner. Advanced. Click Reset settings on your Chromebook, Linux, or Mac. Reset all settings to their default values. Reset all of your settings. On a computer running Windows: Cleanup by clicking Reset. Reset all settings to their default values. Reset all of your settings.

Does Google Chrome have a news feed?

You may browse trending themes, or click on “Top News” to read the most recent news in a number of categories, including US news, technology, business, the globe, and more. You can also access additional choices by clicking on the hamburger menu symbol (three lines) in the top left-hand corner.

How do I fix the News app on my iPhone?

How to repair the Apple News app on iPhone and iPad that keeps crashing Force the Apple News app to close and then reopen it. Restart your device completely. If your device’s iOS is out of date, try upgrading it. Delete and reinstall the app.

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How do I reinstall the News app on my iPhone?

A: Open the App Store app and search for the Apple News app, which you can then download and install.

Why is my Google page blank on iPhone?

It might be a problem with cookies, caching, extensions, or plug-ins. Select the Privacy tab from the Safari menu bar, then click Safari > Preferences. The cache should then be deleted. Then, after clicking Go, relocate the Cache.

Why is Google not working on my phone?

Step 1: Go to Apps/Application Manager in Settings on your Android phone. Step 3: Go to Google in Settings > Apps /Application Manager. Then choose Storage, then Clear Cache. If it doesn’t work, you could try the Clear data/Storage option.

Is Google home working?

The original Google Home speaker has been renamed as Nest, and the original Google Home speaker has become obsolete. The Google Home app, on the other hand, is still active and can be used to control all connected smart devices. These suggestions should also work with Nest models.

How do I check my Google services status?

You may use the Google Workspace Status Dashboard to see how essential Google Workspace services like Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Meet are doing right now and in the past. Any recent outages or interruptions are also shown on the Status Dashboard.

How do I get my homepage back to normal?

Click More. Settings in the upper right corner of your computer’s browser. Turn on Show home button under “Appearance.” Enter a custom web address or choose your existing homepage. Then type www.google.com into the address bar.

What happens if I reset Chrome?

Chrome will be reset to its basic settings, including your home page and search engine. All browser extensions will be disabled, and your cookie cache will be cleared. Your bookmarks and stored passwords, on the other hand, will be preserved, at least in principle. Before you do a browser rest, you may wish to save your bookmarks.

What has changed in Google Chrome?

Chrome has turned ten years old, and Google has released a major new upgrade to commemorate the occasion. The huge overhaul went live earlier today, with one of the most noticeable changes being a new design. More rounded curves, redesigned icons, and a new color palette are all part of the new design.

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How do I update my Google News?

Open the Google News app on your mobile device. Tap your Profile photo or initial in the upper right corner. Select News settings from the drop-down menu. Turn on Daily briefing emails under “Alerts” to get your daily briefing.

How do I get Google feed on my Desktop?

“To restart the browser, go to chrome:/flags/#enable-google-now, switch from “Default” to “Enabled,” and then click “Relaunch Now” at the bottom of the page.” Users will get a “”Google Now on your desktop!”” message after they have logged in and activated their account.

How do I get News?

On Android and Apple smartphones, all of these news applications are free to download, however some offer premium, paid versions. Apple News is a service provided by Apple Inc. Google News is a search engine that allows you to find out This is the Week. Flipboard. SmartNews.News360.8. Breaking News News from the ground.

Where is the news app on my iPhone?

Swipe down on your iPhone’s home screen to open Spotlight search, then type in News. If the app is already installed on your device, you should be able to access it straight; if not, scroll down to the App Store results and press the Search in App link to find the Apple News app and reinstall it.

How do I get the news back on my iPad?

To install the Google News Briefing widget on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps: Hold your finger on the home screen. Tap Add in the upper left corner. Tap the Google News app after searching for it. Swipe right or left to change the widget size. Add a widget by tapping on it. The widget should be placed on your home screen. Tap Done in the upper right corner.


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